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Makeup Bag Audit

When was the last time you went through your makeup bag or drawer?  Or maybe you just purchased a bunch of new products and you don’t know how to use them. Gain the confidence you need to get rid of and keep only your best products.
• Learn how to clean, sort, edit and toss makeup 
• Learn how to use your current products and determine which products and tools you need
• Learn your best colors and textures for everyday makeup

Confused about how to properly cleanse your skin or do you lack a skincare routine? Learn how to confidently take care of your skin to keep it looking beautiful.
• Learn about skin types and how to determine your own
• Learn proper skincare and create a daytime and nighttime skincare regime 
• Learn which ingredients to avoid in your products

Skincare 101

90 minute classes

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Do you dream of keeping your skin looking and feeling youthful? Do you wish you could turn back time and repair your damaged skin? If you answered yes, it is time for you to feel more confident about your skin.
• Learn about the causes of aging skin and how to slow down the hands of time
• Learn about “anti-aging” products and when you should start using them
• Learn how to protect, treat, and repair the skin

Do you feel like the makeup products and techniques you use are no longer looking as beautiful as they once did? Or maybe you want to go back to the basics and relearn or gain new makeup skills and techniques? Learn to rejuvenate your makeup techniques to create the look of a healthy, radiant, youthful looking complexion.
• Learn how to de-emphasize fine lines and texture
• Learn which makeup textures are best for your skin type and age
 Build confidence to feel more beautiful
 Learn a natural everyday look that gives you a fresh youthful radiant glow

Age-Defying Beauty

Do you have all sorts of products in your makeup bag but you never really learned how to use them? Now is the time to either learn or review the basics, look gorgeous and feel more confident in your makeup skills.
• Learn the basics to get a gorgeous, even complexion that looks like a second skin
• Learn how to apply blush and lipstick for longer wear time and new techniques to advance your makeup application and brush skills  
• Learn an everyday neutral look customized for you

Flawless Beauty

Advanced Skincare

Busy professionals, do you need to be ready for those Zoom calls in 5 minutes? Or are you a busy mom who doesn’t have any time to put herself together? Now you can get makeup ready and look pulled together in about 5 minutes.
•  Learn how to look pulled together
•  Learn how to quickly prep your skin for makeup 
•  Learn what products to use for a quick makeup
•  Learn how to properly conceal those dark circles and look wide awake
•  Learn how to apply lipstick to glam up a basic look

Flawless in 5 minutes

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Day to Evening

The Smokey Eye

• Learn how to change your eye makeup to go from day to evening according to your specific eye color, shape, and spacing
• Learn how to use your brushes and tools
• Learn how to line your eyes like a pro 
• Learn how to curl your lashes

• Learn how to create a smokey eye specifically for your eye color, shape, and spacing
• Learn how to curl your lashes
• Learn how to apply false lashes
• Learn pro tips and tricks to correct application mistakes

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Do you love all the gorgeous eye makeup looks you see in magazines or online but they never seem to look quite right on your eyes? Eyes to Mesmerize classes specifically focus on your eyes. Learn how to apply eye makeup to your eye according to its color, shape, and spacing. Choose from one of the following options.

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DIY Bridal Makeup

Are you getting married and want to do your makeup yourself? Or maybe you are having a small affair and trying to keep the vendor list limited? First, congratulations!! Wherever you find yourself, make sure you are photo ready for your special day!
• Learn professional makeup techniques so you’ll look gorgeous in your photos 
•  Learn how to apply the right makeup to look good in front of the camera but no so much that you don’t look like yourself 
•  Learn tips and tricks from foundation to false lashes so your makeup lasts all day

2 hour classes

Camera Ready Makeup

Do you find yourself in front of the camera a lot more these days? Or maybe Zoom has taken over your life? Or maybe you are getting new headshots done? You can feel confident applying makeup for all of these scenarios and look beautiful and photo ready.
• Learn how to use your beauty products to go from everyday to camera ready
• Learn how to apply foundation, concealer and powder for the camera
• Learn how to apply eye makeup and if necessary false lashes
• Learn professional makeup techniques and tricks so you look great in front of the camera

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Ready to book?

Sure.  If you don't which class to pick, you can book a free 10 minute consultation and we can discuss which class would be best suited to you and your needs.

Question 4:  I'm still not sure what class I should schedule.  Could you help?

Since each session runs 1 ½ -2 hours and they all build on your skills, I would not recommend combining classes in a day. It is really hard to retain information when a class runs for more than 2 hours. However, there are a few add-ons that could be added onto your session. You can always purchase multiple classes to be held on different days.

Question 3:  Can I combine multiple classes?

At this point all of the virtual classes that are currently offered are customized for you and done 1:1 over Zoom within the privacy of your own home. There may be some group classes offered in the future. If there is a specific class that you think you would like to host, please do not hesitate to reach out so we can have a conversation.

Question 2:  Are the virtual classes 1:1 or group?

Karyn Carlson Makeup Artistry classes are taught with you in mind. They are specifically customized for each individual from setting up your space, your lighting and mirror(s) to using your tools. You will be coached throughout the entire makeup application process. Prior to your first class, you will receive a short questionnaire to fill out so we make the most of your time. 

Question 1:  Why should I book a virtual class instead of watching YouTube?

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to book a consultation.

"A makeup lesson with Karyn is, hands down, one of the best investments I have made. She worked with the beauty products that I already owned, eliminating ones that had gone bad, as well as ones that just did not work with my coloring. She recommended only a few key items and I learned application techniques. Also she didn’t try to change me or conform me to some arbitrary standard of beauty, rather she looked at MY face, showing me how to highlight my features."  

"Karyn is not only a very kind and generous person, she is also an amazing professional. She knows everything there is to know on every product on the market. She can justify with detailed explanation what brands to avoid and what brands to buy. She knows about makeup but also anti-aging creams or moisturizers.  She showed me the best way to apply creams and makeup and why it should be done a certain way."

"I was impressed by Karyn's gracious professionalism, her knowledge of makeup products, and her sense of color. She is obviously an artist by nature, and she has enhanced that natural eye for beauty with an excellent education in human anatomy and design principles."

"I really appreciated learning the science and art behind your recommendations, which helped me understand the real benefits of the skincare routine."

"Karyn’s classes are awesome!!  I cannot wait for my next class."

"Karyn’s knowledge, gentle hand and personable informative presentation were excellent. I would say that this is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Your skin changes as you get older (duh!) and so should the products and techniques you use. Thanks for the information, hands-on help and education Karyn."

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